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Adelaide Audio Mastering - RDMS Mastering
Adelaide Audio Mastering - RDMS Mastering

RDMS have been mastering audio in Adelaide for many years.
In that time they has mastered commercial releases both here in Adelaide, for overseas markets and recordings of many local artists. By classic definition, audio mastering is the final creative process in producing a CD for release. Professional mastering is critical for music to sound it's best in a wide range of playing environments. The music business is a highly competitive industry and songs that have not been properly mastered are extremely rare.

Typically a 3-4 minute song takes 30-40 minutes to master properly, depending on the quality of the mix.
The entire song is first checked for any anomalies such as clicks, pops and errant noise.
Phase issues that can have an adverse effect in some playback situations are also addressed. Equalization, compression and appropriate excitation are then used to balance the audio, achieving an optimal sound for playback. Finally, a mastering limiter is carefully applied, to maximize the playback volume whilst maintaining the integrity of the original mix.

All playback systems color sound in different ways. The aim of a good master is to sound great, no matter what it's played on.

You have several options for your audio mastering at RDMS.
Personal attendance*, by postal service or online file delivery using our Dropbox account.

*Please note that attended sessions require booking and may result in several weeks wait for an available time.

With file delivery mastering we send you short audio samples for your approval. When your happy, simply pay your account and the download link for your full masters will be sent to you.
Payment can be made through a PayPal invoice or direct bank transfer. CD copies of your master can be generated and posted to you on request.

The current audio mastering rate is $120 per hour.
(Approximately $60 for a well mixed, sub 4 minute song)

Audio Mastering
Audio Mastering